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A customer asked us once:

What does Mares mean?

Good question...
Mares has at least six meanings:

1   MARES = Jewellery packages and displays
We are particularly proud of our specialty: the smartest and most elegant jewellery packaging. Any requirements will be met by our range of boxes, including the simple plastic made ones, as well as the most luxurious wooden boxes with leather, silk, flock, sateen interiors. Custom-made luxury packaging for advertising items, medals, business gifts, prizes, collection sets, etc. can be provided as well. MARES is widely recognized for the quality of the products.
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2   MARES = Wooden packages
At Mares Packaging Co you will find wide variety of exclusive wooden packaging - chest, boxes made according to your needs with diverse inlays, painted i prepared to emphasize the nature of packaged products of yours. We believe that our experience will let us propose you packaging solutions that suit you expectations.
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3   MARES = Paper packages
We just can’t help it. To a multitude of producers we are first of all experts in paper boxes, cases and bags. You will find them in Mares Packaging Co. in a wide variety of colors, forms and purposes.
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4   MARES = Plastic packages
Our catalogues abound in quite simple and very fancy models of boxes , bottles or cases of all kind of materials: polyethylene, Styrofoam, you name it. Plastic packaging for pinses or jewellery is a speciality of Mares Packaging Co. No matter whether you look for simple of very showy packaging you will certainly find some interesting products in our offering.
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5   MARES = Metal packages
They put an equation sign here probably, because fitting aluminium suitcases or chests and crates to various products is our passion. We offer metal packaging in wide asortiment also we adapt metal packagings to your needs.
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6   MARES = Package adviser
As we have such a big connection of all kind of package made of all materials we are able to choose the perfect solution to every product. Even if we really wanted to, we just wouldn’t be able to hide it.
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7   MARES =
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